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DACC Cutting Machines

Here is a quick view of our line of Shape Cutting Machines...

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What's New

We are excited to annouce our new line of Water Jet Cutting Machines. "AccuJet water Jet Cutting Machines"


Current News

We are proud to annouce our new AC Servo working at 3000 IPM with our new Controller the iCNC Performace control.

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We are now showing our 2018 line of HVAC cutting Machines. All new Gantry with New Dual V rail system .

Shape Cutting Machines

Welcome to our DACC Industries Line of Shape cutting machines used in Small to Large Industrial manufacturing. The most common is our 2100 Series Plasma and Oxy-Fuel cutting machines. We also manufacture our ShapeTech Line of HVAC and Light Fabrication cutting machines. We are now proud to introduce our low cost light fab and and home use cutting machines in our ProFab USA line.  All our cutting machines come in a mulitude of sizes and configurations.

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DACC Industries Shape Cutting Machines

2000 Series Cutting Machines
product image 1

Original A frame heavy Gantry cutting Machines

2000 Series

2100 Series Cutting Machine

product image 2

Beam forward Heavy duty Gantry Cutting Machines

2100 Series

3000 Series Cutting machines

product image 3

Striaght Leg A frame Heavy duty Cutting Machines

3000 Series

ShapeTech HVAC Cutting Machines

product image 4

Fastest Plasma cutting in the HVAC cuttiing industry


product image 5

HVAC Accoustic Liner cutting


AccuPlasma QC
product image 6

HVAC Plasma and Liner cutting on one machine

AccuPlasma QC

ProFab USA Light Fab Cutting Machines

PlasmaPro 48
Price: Affordable

High Speed Plasma Cutting machine

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Price: Affordable
product image 2

Accustic Liner Cutting Machine

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AccuPlasma QC
Price: Affordable
product image 3

Quick Change Plasma and Liner Cutting Machine

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New Products are being updated


AccuJetGantryII DACC2110PO DACC31003D AccuPlasma AccuJetGantryI AccuJetFast

AccuJet Water Jet Cutting Machines

Our inovative ideals in shape cutting technology has brought our New line of Water Jet Cutting Machines

A Better Shape for Shape Cutting

The Inset Rail Design by DACC Industries creates a safer work inviroment for the operator and the fact you can use a forklift to load and unload the table..

Custom Cutting Machines

Custom Bevel cutting machine with 800 amp plasma and Oxy-Fuel

HVAC and Light Fabracation

AccuPlasma and AccuLiner for the HVAC cutting was the first at 2000 IPM Traversing with no "wiggles and no Jiggles"

AccuJet Precision Water Jet Cutting

AccuJet Water Jet Cutting Systems for precision cutting of all types of materials

ShapeTech Cutting Technology

Leading the industry in high speed water only cutting technology upto 3000 ipm

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The Leader in New Shapes for Shape Cutting Technology!
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