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AccuJet WaterJet Cutting Machine for HVAC Acoustic Liner, Foam and Duct Board

This is our answer to the high profits in Acoustic Liner cutting ...


AccuJet WaterJet High Speed Cutting Machine for the HVAC Industry



Above Machine is a AccuJet Water Jet High Speed Cutting machine, AccuDrive AC Digital 3 axis Servo drive system, AccuStream 6050 Intensifier, PicoPath CNC control, and DACC floating pneumatic lifting station. Cutting capacity is 72" by 240" with  speeds of 2000 IPM.

Photo courtesy of DACC Industries


Product Summary


The AccuJet Series of shape cutting machines is designed for maximum versatility in both operation and productivity for manufacturers who want the ability to cut a wide variety of materials.  The innovative, heavy-duty machine frame design provides the best stability with a cutting velocity of over 1000 IPM.  Our Dry Linear "Y" axis rails are not effected by the wet environment of waterjet cutting.  Also our dual "V" linear Crossdrive system stays stable and accurate providing smooth motion for the cutting tool. Driven by our AccuDrive 3 axis digital servo drive with planetary gearboxes and 2020 rack and pinion drive system, this combination provides and maintains high accuracy over the full cutting range.  Help combat that dreaded "down time" issue with a system that's easy to maintain and clean. Like all ShapeTech machines , the AccuJet Series is functional and able to cut virtually any material with a high degree of accuracy and without heat.


Key Features
  • Dry Linear Rail System

    The AccuJet series water only waterjet machine was engineered for high speed operation in both traversing and cutting. Utilizing rack and pinion mechanics with rail axis dual drive AC servo drive technology. New advanced Dry Linear hardened anodized aluminum rail with easy to replace advanced plastic inserts for smooth accurate motion.  Dry  linear bearings and linear guides are oil-free and designed to run dry, without the need for the messy lubricants, costly maintenance, or the downtime typically associated with   re-circulating ball bearing systems. The range is also resistant to dirt, dust and chemicals and other harsh environments. The rail manufacture performs thousands of bearing tests per year to ensure high performance.

  • Dual "V" Linear Crossdrive System

    DACC has engineered it's most stable and accurate crossdrive system ever. Integral-V™ Technology (IVT) uses structural aluminum framing integrated with V-races. IVT provides a complete system built with structural support framework. Hardened steel raceways are directly embedded into the Integral-V rail to eliminate fasteners and reduce mounting components. The integrated rail utilizes a unique machining process for precise mounting and alignment on all critical sides—ensuring dimensional and rail form accuracy. This allows the  carriages to roll smoothly, accurately and quietly along the rail.

  • Innovations

    The “User-Friendly” concepts of DACC are setting new standards for cutting machine operation and productivity. Operators love the added functionality they get with the New CNC controllers.  With features like "Digital AC Servo Drive Systems", “Dual - V rail Technology”, “Dry Linear Rail System”, “True CNC controllers”, “High Speed Frame Design”, and the only High-Speed WaterJet “2000 IPM Cutting”, it's no wonder the DACC series shape cutting machines are so versatile. 

  • Savings, Performance, Production

    At DACC, we know your top priority is increased productivity with minimum down time, therefore, our machines are powerful and dependable, manufactured with top quality components and workmanship.  The AccuJet Series Shape Cutting Machine is a High Speed Gantry machine. This new design features a light, rigid aluminum gantry which allows increased stability over the full speed range of the machine. With speeds available over 3000 IPM, this can make a real difference in productivity,  performance, and cost savings potential.

  • Custom Sizes

    The AccuJet Shape Cutting Machines are available in a wide range of sizes, as well as in both pure-water and abrasive configurations.  All machines can be custom built based on your unique and particular application.

(Custom Sizes Also Available)




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