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We have provided Shape Cutting Services, Repairs and Plasma/Oxy-Fuel Cutting Machines for over 25 years....

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New High Speed WaterJet Cutting System. Up to 2000 IPM cutting on low density insulation for HVAC and other insulation applications.

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We are almost ready to release our new line of CNC controller. We are now showing our newest cutting machines in our ProFab usa line.

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We are now showing our 2012 line of HVAC cutting Machines. All new Gantry with New Dual V rail system .

About Us

In the Beginning:

We started back in the mid 80's repairing Servo Drive Systems and CNC Systems for cutting machines made by our competitors and it didn't take us long to see some of the short falls of the cutting industry. Then we saw the need of the cantilever machine and the gantry machine to become the New shape For Shape Cutting Machines.

So we took the Loading ease of the cantilever machine and the sturdiness and accuracy of the Gantry and designed the "Inset Rail Machine". Tucking the rails under the table made it possible to have a smaller rail footprint while giving a wider cutting profile.  Made a safer work environment for the operator. Took up less floor space on the plant floor.

The Growing Years:

In 1990 we introduced the "Inset Rail Design" with the introduction of our 2000 Series cutting machines. Finally a gantry style machine with the cantilever feel. This designed allowed the customer to have a gantry machine they could Load or Unload with the ease of a forklift. This design also allowed the operator a safer work environment because now he didn't have to be trapped by rails or trip over the rails or even have to crawl over the rails because now they where under the table. Now dropping a plate would only land on the table not the rails. Then came the 2100 Series machines with Inset rail design and Beam Forward Design. Our custom 3000 and 3100 series machine where conceived from customers that had long time machines and where ready to replace the gantries and wanted to keep there rail and machine location the same.

Where we're going:

We are now introducing our new website we hope there are no problems and we are working to provide more information soon...Please pardon the things you may find not working. We are working to get every thing together.

Team Bio:




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DACC Cutting Machines

Our inovative ideals in shape cutting technology has brought our 2000, 2100, and 3000 Series cutting machines to the forefront of Cutting Technology

A Better Shape for Shape Cutting

The Inset Rail Design by DACC Industries creates a safer work inviroment for the operator and the fact you can use a forklift to load and unload the table..

HVAC and Light Fabracation

AccuPlasma and AccuLiner for the HVAC cutting was the first at 2000 IPM Traversing with no "wiggles and no Jiggles"

Custom Machines

We don't mind making custom machhines for your application.

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The Leader in New Shapes for Shape Cutting Technology!
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