Used Koike DM-510 Plasma Cutting Machine

This Inset Rail beam forward design was our first designed cutting machine ...



Rebuilt too as New Condition, 1000 IPM, CNC, A60 Plasma


Above is a Koike DM-510 with Thermal Dynamics A60 Plasma cutting system with PicoPath CNC Controller, Koike Roller ball pneumatic torch holder system, Linatrol HL-752 PWM DC Servo Drive System. 60" X 120" cutting capacity and 1000 IPM PWM servo drive system.



Product Summary


This cutting machine has been rebuilt to As New Condition to perform at its best. We have replaced all the bearings and guide rollers along with the output pinions to bring the machine back to its original cutting specifications. The Gantry has been painted with DACC Orange so it would have a good look and feel for its new owner. We are also giving this machine a 90 day warranty and along with the standard warranty on the thermal dynamics plasma system (New).

Key Features

  • Tucked Rail System

    This machine was manufactured in 2000 and incorporated a tucked rail system making it easier to load and unload by the operator. The Heavy Duty frame design allows for maximum loading and stability for daily use of this cutting system.

  • CrossDrive System

    The “Rack and Pinion" crossdrive system was engineered to be stable and accurate. 

  • Innovations

    The tucked rails of this machine make it easy for the operator to  stay away from the rails "no tripping over or crawling over" the rails making for a safer work enviroment. Also this design keeps the main rails out of the harsh inviroment of the plasma cutting.

  • Savings, Performance, Production

    This  Shape Cutting Machine is a Gantry machine. This machine incorporates the HL-752 servo drive system a 380watt PWM DC drive system. With speeds available up to 1000 IPM, this can make a real difference in productivity and performance.

  • Down Draft Table

    This Cutting Machine uses a DownDraft Table design for Plasma smoke removal.




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DACC Cutting Machines

Our inovative ideals in shape cutting technology has brought our 2000, 2100, and 3000 Series cutting machines to the forefront of Cutting Technology

A Better Shape for Shape Cutting

The Inset Rail Design by DACC Industries creates a safer work inviroment for the operator and the fact you can use a forklift to load and unload the table..

HVAC and Light Fabracation

AccuPlasma and AccuLiner for the HVAC cutting was the first at 2000 IPM Traversing with no "wiggles and no Jiggles"

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We don't mind making custom machhines for your application.

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